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Recent years have seen sustained initiatives to regularize coaching as a profession: with coaching skills accredited, supervised, and supported by research and learned journals. 

At the same time there is an increasing awareness that for some managers such skills are not always enough and experience and understanding of the strategic business context is also important.

Most recently some executives have recognized the value of a coach acting as a critical friend, informed enough to pursue wide-ranging conversations, but without the burden of formal mentoring. 

The Management Coach-house

We offer coaching where contextual experience and knowledge is as important as our accredited coaching skills.

We also offer coaching as 'a critical friend'; discussing adaptive change, complex systems, business opportunities and personal challenges - with the freedom to explore other topics and to look at the world from alternative perspectives.

More details of our approach are described on other pages on this web-site 
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Management Training
Anyone who aims to cultivate these minds [the multiple mind sets of a manager in the future] must have a concept of what it means to be successful and what it means to fail. The nurturer needs to have in mind what better means, so that both they and the student can critique successive efforts in terms of relevant criteria
Howard Gardner
“Five minds for the Future”: 2006
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