Reflections on coaching
Coaching currently embraces many approaches. Some of these are described as disciplines, some as models, and some as values. There is therefore some concern that arguments over methodology and the balance a coach should strike between intuitive and empirical responses, may deter or confuse users of coaching. 

All approaches share a view that coaching should be client centred, but even this is not straightforward as sometimes the engagement is commissioned by a representative of the organisation; which is therefore also a client.

Most coaches also seek to evaluate their work in terms of delivering "value for money", or in corporate settings "return on investment". Here again there are many alternative approaches to defining and measuring coaching outcomes. These cover a full spectrum from spiritual well-being, through emotional growth, to measured performance improvement. Many outcomes recognise all elements within such a spectrum. Others are more narrowly focused.

The links below offer some of our reflections on aspects of coaching in this context. They are not conclusive but hopefully they will offer insight into ongoing discussions about coaching as the practice of this skill continues to evolve and adapt.

They are not all serious. Sometimes it may be appropriate for a coach to look in the mirror and question whether their work does stand scrutiny and a little self-depreciation of the role of the coach may also be in order. 

Recent reflections

Managers who lead customer facing activities face particular challenges, some of which may be explored through coaching. This download reflects on some of the implications of this.

File Download: coachingcustomerfacing.pdf

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